Thursday, August 1, 2013

Le Portel

Earlier this summer, I visited Le Portel in northern France, in order to read as many rings as possible. This meant almost no pictures were taken, but at the end of the day I managed to get the following totals:
- Mediterranean gull: 119 rings
- Herring gull: 8 rings
- Greater black-backed gull: 1 ring
- Black-headed gull: 1 metal ring
So 129 in total, not too bad :-)

I plan to go back there later this month to read some more rings.

Mediterranean gull white 35E0 (C. Duponcheel & R. Flamant), ringed in Belgium.
Mediterranean gull green R11S (C. Duponcheel & R. Flamant), ringed in France.

Herring gull orange R4BT. (NTGG), ringed last November in Essex, England. 

Herring gull blue YBA.S (E. Stienen), ringed in Zeebrugge last summer.

Herring gull blue YSA.G (E. Stienen).

Herring gull blue YV.AU (E. Stienen), another Belgian bird!

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