Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First new Dutch bird

Last weekend I again visited the colonies of Zeebrugge and Oostende, with still many Herring and LBBG's present at both locations. Nearly all c-rings seen were blue ones from Belgium, but I managed to find 2 foreign birds as well: an adult French LBBG, and a juvenile Dutch bird from Roland-Jan Buijs, my first one of the year in Belgium. Let's hope more of them are on their way!

LBBG blue 0G (RJ Buijs, ringed in Belgium), Zeebrugge.

LBBG black-yellow 0.L (RJ Buijs), my first juvenile bird of the year in Belgium., Oostende.

LBBG red 168K (P. Dubois), Zeebrugge.

LBBG blue KH.AF (E. Stienen), Zeebrugge.

LBBG blue KY.AU (E. Stienen), Zeebrugge.

LBBG blue L.SAF (E. Stienen), Zeebrugge.

Herring gull blue MK.AU (E. Stienen), Oostende.

LBBG blue NYA.F (E. Stienen), Zeebrugge. Only seen once before, by Antonio Gutierrez in Spain.

Herring gull blue P.KAT (E. Stienen), Oostende.

LBBG blue TS.AS (E. Stienen), Zeebrugge.

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