Thursday, August 1, 2013

Colonies of Zeebrugge and Oostende

Also in July, I visited (parts of) some breeding colonies in Zeebrugge and Oostende. The gulls breed in the harbours here, so access is not everywhere possible. Many c-ringed adult birds were seen, but in Zeebrugge the breeding season turns out to be quite bad, so not many chicks will be ringed. By now, the adults start to leave the colonies and the LBBG's will soon be found in Southern Europe.

LBBG orange EK47 (N. van Swelm), now in its 18th year!

LBBG black EL (R.J. Buijs), already back from the Netherlands?
LBBG blue D.FAY (E. Stienen). 

LBBG blue GZA.N (E. Stienen) in its colony in Zeebrugge.

LBBG orange HN5T. (NTGG), nice to see a British-ringed bird too!

Herring gull blue KU.AM (E. Stienen), Zeebrugge. The gulls breed there between the rails of the trains.

LBBG blue L.ZAG (E. Stienen).

Herring gull blue MLA.A (E. Stienen) in Zeebrugge.

LBBG blue MMA.R (E. Stienen).
Herring gull blue FRA.W (E. Stienen).

LBBG blue P.JAN (E. Stienen).

Herring gull blue PK.AU (E. Stienen).

Herring gull blue PL.AK (E. Stienen).

LBBG blue U.NAZ (E. Stienen) in Zeebrugge with some (its own?) chicks.

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