Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Old and new friends in Gent

Last weekend, I visited my old ring-reading patches in Gent, and I was very happy to see some birds that I have seen many times before. LBBG's were omnipresent, and in the end I was able to read 11 rings, a nice total! All of them were Dutch-ringed birds, apart from 1 with a French ring, a bird I had also seen there in June 2011.

The same day, I visited the breeding colony of Black-headed gulls of Lokeren, where I was able to read 1 ring, the now well-known hybrid female Black-headed gull x Meditteranean gull (yelow EEVY). It was too distant to take pictures, but a nice ring to read :-)

LBBG yellow 6F (RJ Buijs), my first sighting.

LBBG red 254N (P. Dubois), only 2 observations of this bird exict, both by me in Gent. Who finds this bird in winter in Spain, or in summer breeding in the Netherlands?

LBBG white D.7 (RJ Buijs), I saw this bird before in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 2009.

LBBG blue HF (RJ Buijs), one of the rings I read many times before.

LBBG white M.8 (RJ Buijs), again a known bird to me.

LBBG red MT( RJ Buijs), alsoa familiar bird.

LBBG white N.J (RJ Buijs), a new bird to me.

LBBG red X1 (RJ Buijs), also a new one.

LBBG red YB (RJ Buijs), the last new one.


  1. Bonsoir Simon.
    W-D7 le 17.11.2012 à Boulogne sur mer :

    1. Thanks for your message, great picture of this bird!

      All the best,