Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guernsey Herring Gull in Belgium!

Today I checked the resting gulls in Nieuwpoort again, and immediately saw an immature Herring gull wearing a white ring. Luckily it stayed where it was, and I was able to read the code, and take some pictures as well. I recognized the code as probably belonging to Paul Veron's ringing scheme, and this was confirmed by him later this evening. It even turned out to be the first of his colour-ringed Herring gulls seen in Belgium! He ringed this bird in December in his garden, so it's not known where this bird originates from, let's hope it will be seen many times more.
Other rings were all Belgian ones, with 3 known birds seen. I also managed to read the code of one Ruddy turnstone, probably locally ringed.

2nd cal Herring gull white 0HA4 (P. Veron), my first Guernsey-ringed bird!

Ruddy turnstone Brussel 99Z23897.

ad Herring gull blue MT.AS (E. Stienen).

4th cal Herring gull blue PFA.F (E. Stienen).

2nd cal Herring gull blue YS.AX (E. Stienen)

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