Friday, March 15, 2013

A day at the coast.

Yesterday I was able to check a large part of the Belgian beaches for c-ringed gulls, resulting in 23 ring-readings: 21 Herrings, but also my first 2 Lesser black-backed gulls of the year. Highlights were 2 British-ringed birds (both from the North Thames Ringing Group). Frustrating was an unread red ring, most likely a French or British Herring.

Herring gull yellow 7R (R.J. Buijs), my 2 previous obervations of this bird date from 2009.

Herring gull Brussels H900501, also my third observation.

Herring gull blue F.PAD (E. Stienen), also last seen in 2009. Now at least 15 years old!

Herring gull blue LH.AL (E. Stienen), still present in the breeding colony in Zeebrugge.

Herring gull blue MHA.D (E. Stienen), my first observation.

Herring gull blue M.HAJ (E. Stienen), also present in the Zeebrugge-colony.

Herring gull blue M.MAK (E. Stienen), also the first time I see this one.

Herring gull orange RV0T. (North Thames Ringing Group), details awaited.

Herring gull blue S.BAJ (E. Stienen), also a new one.

Herring gull blue SHA.C (E. Stienen), again a new one.

Herring gull blue SZA.L (E. Stienen), present at the colony of Oostende.

Herring gull blue YS.AX (E. Stienen), still hanging around in Nieuwpoort.

Herring gull blue YVA.G (E. Stienen), my first sighting.

Herring gull blue CR.AC (E. Stienen), again a new bird to me.

LBBG blue DN.AU (E. Stienen), my first LBBG of the year.

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