Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gulls and unexpected waders

Yesterday I visited Nieuwpoort again, and read 2 Belgian c-rings and 3 Belgian metal gull-rings. A nice surpise however, was that I was able to read the metal ring of an Oystercatcher (also a Belgian one). Later on, close to my house, I could photograph the whole code of a metal-ringed Northern lapwing, my first ever ring-reading of this species (also this one turned out to be a Belgian one)! I am eagerly waiting for the details of these birds...

Herring gull Brussel H903016.

Herring gull blue MT.AS (E. Stienen), my previous observation of this bird dates from August 2010.

Herring gull blue SBA.R (E. Stienen), my first sighting, and the first time since 2011 that this bird is observed.
Oystercatcher Brussel L50784.
Lapwing Brussel 6T14014, my first-ever Lapwing ring-reading!

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