Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still new arrivals

This afternoon I was able to read 8 c-ringed LBBG's, which is a nice number for here. 3 birds were new ones for this year, but I had seen all of them in previous springs. The following birds were seen:

white J.J
white U.1 (first time this year)
white F.G
red PC (first time this year)
red E4
red LF
blue HF
blue 82 (first time this year, I didn't see this one last spring, so today was a nice surprise).

LBBG blue 82 (RJ Buijs - F Roels), only my second observation, previous one was March 29th 2009, exactly 2 years ago :-)

LBBG white U.1 (RJ Buijs), first observation this year, last spring I saw this bird 4 times between April 4th and May 2nd (this last observation was made in one of the breeding colonies in Vlissingen).


  1. Hello Simon,
    nice to know that old friends are well.
    Red E4 was at Doniños beach (NW Spain) 04/08/2.009.

  2. Hello Paco,

    thanks for your comment, great to hear you saw red E4 in Spain before :-) I saw it now already 14 times, he/she seems to like Gent during spring/summer :-)

    All the best,