Sunday, March 13, 2011

New arrivals

Yesterday, on a trip through Gent, I was very pleased to find several newly-arrived LBBG's, of which a few are well known to me. The first c-ringed bird however was a Belgian-ringed Herring (blue M.LAF), a very nice sighting since this is only the 2nd time I see a bird from this project here, most of them seem to stay closer to the coast. Later on I found 7 c-ringed LBBG's, all from RJ Buijs: blue HF again, blue GF (new bird to me), red MT (6th sighting, and 3rd spring in a row), white K.P (new), red E4 (12th sighting, 3rd spring here), and the pair red LF (18th sighting, 3rd spring) and white M.8 (12th sighting, 3rd spring).
With warmer weather expected the following days, more birds will probably arrive.

2nd cy Herring gull blue M.LAF (E Stienen).

LBBG red MT (RJ Buijs), with unringed partner.

LBBG's red LF and white M.8 (RJ Buijs).

LBBG blue GF (RJ Buijs - F Roels).

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