Saturday, March 5, 2011

The return

Back in Gent after a superb four-week holiday in Thailand (maybe I will post some pictures later). Today was the first day I was able to look for rings, and I was hoping to see the return of the first Lesser black-backed gulls. I soon saw some of them, and just a little bit later the first ring was already found, so they are definately back, truly a great sight! The first bird was white Y.H, my first observation of this bird (it wintered in Spain the past 2 winters). Also there were the Danish Black-headed gull white VSH, and a Belgian metal-ringed Herring gull which I saw there in November too.

Next stop was the Blaarmeersen, where I was very happy to see LBBG white H.K, a well-known bird to me. I saw it for the first time there in 2003 (it then wore a Spanish orange ring), and then again last October. Later this winter it was seen in Pinto, Spain (J Marchamalo), and now back in Belgium, on its way to its breeding grounds! I also saw white N.S there, and RJ Buijs just informed me these birds are partners! With this very succesfull day in mind, I will try to find many more c-ringed LBBG's this spring.

ad LBBG white Y.H (RJ Buijs), my first observation of this one.

ad LBBG white H.K (RJ Buijs), my 4th observation.

ad LBBG white N.S (RJ Buijs), my first observation, this is the partner of white H.K.

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