Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lots of LBBG arriving

Today I had only little time and made a short trip to some of the best patches in Gent. Many LBBG's present, and lots of new rings. In total I managed to read 8 of them (all from RJ Buijs), of which 3 were new ones:
white J.J
white U.U
white F.G
red E4
red EB
red HY
yellow 8Y
blue 22

Also nice was that Black-headed gull yellow EHNP (T Audenaert - G Spanoghe) was still present, I hadn't seen that one since the end of January.

I also visited the breeding colony of Black-headed gulls at Molsbroek, Lokeren, where I saw one c-ringed bird, yellow EEEY (locally ringed, 2 years ago).

Black-headed gull yellow EHNP (T Audenaert - G Spanoghe), Gent.

LBBG white U.U (RJ Buijs), my first observation of this bird.

LBBG red HY (RJ Buijs), present at exactly the same spot as last year.

LBBG yellow 8Y (RJ Buijs), also present here last year.

Red squirrel, Molsbroek Lokeren.

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