Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Last week I visited the gull colonies of Vlissingen. Here Roland-Jan Buijs rings Herring and LBBG for some years now, so lots of c-ringed bird are present. In May 2010, I read more than 60 rings there on 1 day! This time it was a bit more quiet, but I managed to read about 20 rings, most of them of LBBG. It was very nice to see some birds I had seen before, and off course lots of new ones. This year, many adult birds have been caught on the nest already, and I managed to read some of these birds too. I am definately trying to go back there later this spring.
Several c-ringed Oystercatchers were present too in the vicinty of the gull colonies.

Herring gull yellow 5T (R.-J. Buijs), ringed as a chick there in 2007.

LBBG blue 29 (R.-J. Buijs).

Herring gull blue D.A (R.-J. Buijs), one of the birds that had been caught only 2 weeks before this observation.

LBBG black FL (R.-J. Buijs), ringed there as a chick in 2008.

LBBG white J.5 (R.-J. Buijs).
Herring gull yellow NX (R.-J. Buijs). 

All these Oystercatchers were locally ringed. The last 2 birds were new ones to me.

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