Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sanderling and gulls

Yesterday I saw my first ever c-ringed Sanderling, but unfortunately it was just not close enough for the whole combination to be read. Because it had a white flag, it was ringed in Mauritania, so that's nice anyway!

Also 2 local Jackdaws with metal rings, several Belgian Herring gulls present in Nieuwpoort, and 1 Dutch with a metal ring. In Oostende, a French LBBG (those rings are really difficult to read!) was the highlight.

2 locally ringed Jackdaws in Nieuwpoort.
Dutch Herring gull Arnhem 6.467.515, now present in Nieuwpoort.
Belgian Herring gull blue YP.AR (E. Stienen), a new one for me.

French LBBG red 553N (P. Dubois), not the easiest rings to read from a distance...
Herring gull blue CS.AZ (E. Stienen), present in a small colony in Oostende.

LBBG blue D.FAY (previously blue AAAZ, E. Stienen), already 15 years old, and present in the same colony as the Herring above.

Herring gull blue M.UAK (E. Stienen), in Oostende.

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