Sunday, August 15, 2010

Santurzi - Spain

I just returned home from a great trip aboard the Pride of Bilbao. Few birds (although we saw 3 Great shearwaters), but nice views of whales and dolphins. Before taking the ferry, a short stop at the Farlington marshes near Portsmouth resulted in 4 c-ringed Icelandic Black-tailed godwits (probably all locally-ringed birds).

During the short stop in the harbour of Santurzi, I was very happy to find (totally unexpected, I even let my telescope in im cabin) 3 c-ringed Yellow-legged gulls, all from the project of Jon Hidalgo and Gorka Ocio (who was also present on board of the ship). Since I didn't have my telescope with me, so I could just take some pictures through my binoculars.

Yellow-legged gull orange 6.BFU (J Hidalgo & G Ocio)

Yellow-legged gull orange 7.BHC (J Hidalgo & G Ocio)

Yellow-legged gull orange 7BG.T (J Hidalgo & G Ocio)

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