Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Le Portel

Last weekend I went to Le Portel in order to look for gulls and to read rings. 100's of birds present, which resulted in no less than 161 ring-readings, of the following species:
Mediterranean gull: 134 (the bird from Serbia was still present, also some new Polish, Hungarian and German birds, the majority were from France and Belgium)
Herring gull: 14 (mainly French birds, but also 2 British birds and 1 Belgian one)
Greater black-backed gull: 9 (all from Norway)
Lesser black-backed gull: 3 (one Dutch, British and Norwegian bird)
Black-headed gull: 1 (French bird)

The black-backed gulls were mainly resting on the beach (I was surprised to see so few c-rings), and they were very wary. Herrings fed with the MedGulls between the rocks and were more easy to approach. All in all a very nice day!

Some pictures:

MedGull green 5M9.

MedGull green 125.

MedGull white 3E13.

MedGull red HLF1, one of the Hungarian birds.

MedGull red PJU7, one of the Polish birds.

Young MedGulls at Le Portel.

Herring white A6CA (British bird from R Thompson).

Herring blue P.LAJ, the only Belgian bird present (E Stienen).

LBBG black J1LT (Norwegian bird from N Lorentzen).

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