Friday, July 2, 2010

Too hot!

With temperatures reaching 34° C today, and high temperatures for the last week, I didn't went to look for rings. Instead, I went to look for butterflies and dragonflies, and will post some pictures later this weekend. Two weeks ago only one ring was present in Gent (LBBG blue GV.AL, one of the very few Belgian rings seen in Gent). However, Geert Spanoghe saw a couple of Dutch-ringed birds last week, so I'll try to get there one of these days :-)

Other good news was Geert's discovery of a small colony of Herrings and LBBG's, in the harbour of Gent! Maybe next week some birds will be ringed, so keep your eyes open for these birds! And finally, this year's first colour-ringed juvenile Black-headed gull was also seen in Gent, and since more than 200 birds have been ringed in Belgium in the past few wekks (mainly juveniles), more are expected (I saw one bird last year, when only a small number of birds was ringed)! These birds have yellow rings with a black 4-letter code (same rings as those from the Molsbroek-project).

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