Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finally some rings

Today I was able to visit my regular places in Gent, and although I initially did not find a single ringed bird, in the end I saw 4 Dutch ones, including 1 new one. Also present were some Black-headed gulls, but no rings so far...

LBBG white M.8 (RJ Buijs), a regular bird this year.

LBBG red E4 (RJ Buijs), another regular bird.

LBBG red LR (RJ Buijs), my first observation of this bird.

Herring orange O9 (RJ Buijs), nice to see a colour-ringed Herring gull again, my second observation of this bird, the previous time was in July last year.


  1. Hello Simon,
    I saw red E4, on 04-08-2.009, at Doniños beach, Ferrol, A Coruña, NW Spain, 43º29´47”N 8º19´6” W.
    It's nice to know that old friends are well. Greetings
    Paco Girón

  2. Hello Paco,

    thanks for your comment! Great to see that Spanish ring-readers read this blog, and that some of the birds are seen both in Spain and in Belgium!