Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some pictures from last year

Another short post, this one with some of the (few) rings I read the past months. I hope to be able to read more rings in the coming months, hopefully with some nice pictures. In the meantime, some older pictures:
Egyptian goose green X, ringed and seen in Brussels.
Mute swan white C55, seen in Chassepierre in autumn 2011.
Cormorant green H I 1, a Dutch bird seen in Nieuwpoort last summer.
Another Cormorant, red 5SE this time, a Danish bird, also seen last summer.
A Dutch Oystercatcher, seen last autumn in Nieuwpoort.
Norwegian Black-headed gull white J9Y1, also seen in Nieuwpoort last autumn.
And finally 1st cal Herring gull blue Y.UAD (E. Stienen), seen in August in Nieuwpoort.

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