Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lots of rings

The past two weeks have been very busy, with many c-ring read. Apart from many (mainly local) Herring gulls, good numbers of LBBG's are passing through at the moment, resulting in some nice rings. Below I give a short summary of the rings from the past weeks:

Belgian: 66
Dutch: 16
French: 1
British: 1
Total: 84

Belgian: 12
Danish: 6
Dutch: 6
German: 2
British: 1
French: 1
Norwegian: 1
Spanish: 1 (wingtag)
Total: 30

Norwegian: 5
Total: 5

Some days 100's of LBBG's were present, so still many birds have to get to their wintering grounds, all Spanish ring-readers can expect lots of birds to arrive within the following days/weeks!

And now some pictures:

Herring yellow 5B (RJ Buijs).

Herring yellow 16 (RJ Buijs).

Herring blue PSA.Y (E Stienen).

Herring blue MZA.Z (E Stienen).

Herring blue MH.AC (E Stienen).

Herring blue M.FAC (E Stienen).

Herring blue HCA.B (E Stienen).

Herring blue FX.AC (E Stienen).

Herring black/white PN A (JP Leys).

LBBG red 903N (PJ Dubois).

LBBG green Y.AKU (K Camphuysen).

LBBG blue G4 (RJ Buijs).

LBBG black E0 (RJ Buijs).

LBBG white TS8 (N van Swelm).

LBBG yellow V977 (KT Pedersen).

LBBG yellow V1PM (KT Pedersen).

LBBG blue V.E3F (KT Pedersen).

LBBG blue V.830 (KT Pedersen).

LBBG white wingtag H (Spain).

LBBG yellow H.595 (S Martens).

LBBG yellow H.249 (S Martens).

LBBG (intermedius) blue JN38 (N Lorentzen).


  1. Hi Simon:
    All we are waiting for all these ringed birds.....
    I saw BLUE JN38 On Oct. 2004
    YELLOW H.595 On Aug. 2008
    YELLOW H.249 On Nov. 2009
    Best wishes.

  2. Hi Antonio,

    thanks for your comment. Great that you saw these birds before, so they surely are on their way to Spain, let's hope you can find them again this winter!

    Best wishes,