Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today in Gent, about 40 LBBG's checked, and among them two Dutch birds (white U.1, seen here before on April 9th and 11th, and red VP, a new one for me). After this, I went to the nature reserve "Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen" to look for some waders. A few gulls were present, and there were two birds wearing a blue tarsus-ring. Unfortunately, they were just too far away to be read, quite frustrating (especially because I don't see these rings often in Gent)! But that's just part of the game I guess... One of these birds didn't look like a pure LBBG, the mantle seemed lighter than it should be, so it could have been one of the few hybrids ringed in Zeebrugge, but I'll never know (unless I get another chance on it).

Red VP (RJ Buijs), the only new one today.

White U.1 (RJ Buijs), a picture of earlier this spring. Seen again today, previous observation on April 11th.

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