Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introducing Gent

The past days I visited my patches in Gent twice, resulting in only a few rings (and no new ones). As an introduction, below are some pictures of how the places look like (they are not as nice as watching gulls on a beautiful beach, but it’s the closest place near my home).

A few LBBG's are often present on the house to the left, and also on the street lights along this channel.

Two unringed LBBG's sitting along the "Nieuwevaart".

One of the best localities in Gent to read rings, the LBBG's are often resting here, sometimes 30-40 birds are present and can be seen very well.

The best channel to watch for ringed gulls, they often sit on the street lights, or on the roofs of the houses.

Let's hope some birds are present tomorrow :-)

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